Sunday, May 24, 2009

love came without permission and other interesting updates

like my coworker who hides behinds the bookcases to cleverly scare the shit out of me when i arrive at my place of employment... love snuck up on me.

after going through a 24 pack of 2 ply triple roll ass wipes, i have finally given myself over to someone who will treat me as his equal rather than a piece of meat that he can spit out when he's tired of chewing.

that happens when you fall in love with your best friend.

let's rewind...



chris and i make things officially official. we're still working out the details.

BIRTHDAY month... gotta love an ambulance! (and clubs that have bartenders who drug their patrons on their birthdays.) this shit can ONLY happen to me.

we moved... again. roomie couldn't handle the a-holes downstairs. drunk driver ended up in the front yard. and we're done. so we moved into a really nice condo, in a really nice neighborhood, with really nice neighbors that we affectionately call... the village.... or melrose place depending on the current drama.


i still hate my job. i still am contemplating plasma donation but these days that's about as far as the body fluids get to being removed from my veins. after 4 bouts of pneumonia this year, i'm done with the immune system reduction.

i have come to the conclusion that peanut (my "new" purple car complete with scratches and engine problems) is here to stay for the year and we are bonding like ketchup and chocolate. i'm trying to love her. i am! but she's such a bad girl! she flashes her engine light at me like a girl gone wild. she leaks transmission fluid from her axle. and she's not a big fan of stopping... i can tell because she grinds to a halt... sort of.

i get the bill from BIRTHDAY. fun times.


i go to hilton head to rendevous with chris. i have a hard time driving back because i love it there so much. on one hand, i want to go home. i miss my puppy. i miss my roommate. i miss having a selection of clothes to wear. on the other hand, i want to stay about as bad as i want coffee every morning. great weather. great people. great scenery. not to mention i sold everything i had to move down there the first time... it was a life long dream. and i miss it. with a fierceness. maybe someday...

for now though, it's nice to be closer to family. and knoxville isn't so bad. not my favorite city but it'll do for now. plus, chris is moving here next saturday. i'm co-habitating again. good golly! things are going to be weird for a while i'm sure. getting into a schedule and getting used to someone else's toothbrush in my drawer. getting used to boy socks and boy smells and boy miscellaneous everywhere. but at least the LDR portion of this adventure is over. i can't say that saying good night to a microphone every night is very romantic. not to mention phone sex isn't really our thing which means... well... use your gourd.

upcoming events? goings on? well...

i have a family reunion at the end of june. i'm stoked. no, seriously. this is the cool side of the family. the happy go lucky, pee your pants hilarious folks. chris wants to come but the jury is out on whether or not he will be coming. (due to the job situation, not an "i'm not ready" situation)

i'd like to make it to hilton head one more time this summer. float down a river in a tube with a 12 pack. reassess my current job situation after some much needed body work.

i'd like to read some more too. i just don't have the brain for it at the moment. my mind retains 2% of the information that it receives and that's only if i write stuff down. my cup runneth over and the information that is superfluous (i.e. fictional plots, people's names, flushing toilets) is pushed overboard and evaporated. i'm sure it's all up in there somewhere... but i forgot the password and my secret question was case sensitive. damn.

other than that... i'm in survival mode. trying to keep some peace, some sanity, some money in my pocket and some fun and laughter. big picture looks grand, but this little part of the painting is mostly monet. step back, enjoy the view... and it fades.