Thursday, January 29, 2009


So this is for my actual birth date... kind of scary how true...

A Pisces born on March 14 combines intelligence with profound creative insight. They have sexual magnetism and can exert considerable control over others. Prophetic and poetic, they seem to be on another plane of existence. They have a love of illusion and are drawn to the occult and the supernatural.

Pisces Information for March 14

You should embrace: Realism, the life force, tenacity

You should avoid:
Naivete, impulsiveness, the blues

Friends and Lovers

People born on this date don't make friends easily, but once they do, it's for keeps. They must feel needed and indispensable or they cannot give themselves to others. They are extremely vulnerable in romantic matters. When they fall in love they fixate upon the object of their affection, investing that individual with all the magical traits of their creative, romantic imagination.

Children and Family

Because of their sensitive nature, it may be difficult for March 14 natives to resolve issues from their past. They may not feel they have what it takes to be a good parent. Naturally reticent, they may allow their spouse to be the stronger influence on the children.


People born on this date are often more interested in their spiritual than physical health, but they eventually realize that each affects the other. They have a sensitivity to alcohol and should not drink.

Career and Finances

March 14 individuals have an artistic sensibility that is a part of their existence. They are rarely able to comprehend the importance of money. Even if they are financially successful, they may discount it.

Dreams and Goals

Few people have the pure "art for art's sake" mentality of March 14 men and women. They need to express their inner drives and needs through an artistic medium. They rarely strive for money success yet are likely to set goals that act as signposts on their journey.

And this is for my original DUE date... freakky. (my poor mom, her ginormous child was 5 days late!)

A Pisces born on March 9 is devoted to the pursuit of excellence. They are sensitive yet outwardly strong and determined. They are genuine and truthful. They have a great regard for spirituality and possess a wicked sense of humor. These individuals have little regard for artifice and will freely speak against it.

Pisces Information for March 9

You should embrace: Positive actions, goal-oriented achievement, dynamism

You should avoid: Caution, pretense, superstition

Friends and Lovers

The concept of friendship is held reverentially by March 9 people. They allow friends the emotional intimacy most people reserve for mates and family members. They are stable managers of their love affairs. Although deeply romantic, they are incapable of being fooled by a would-be lover. They judge character with pitiless accuracy.

Children and Family

March 9 people are deeply, unalterably devoted to their family. They display great loyalty, even in the face of potential disagreements. Because they are sensitive to the resonances of their upbringing, they have the potential to be nurturing, loving parents. They may find it difficult to impose rules or discipline upon their children and may need to relegate these matters to a spouse.


People born on this date believe in their ability to create a healthy reality through concentration, meditation, and positive thinking. Although careful about diet, they favor red meat and red wine. This indulgence maintains their good looks and high level of fitness.

Career and Finances

Even from an early age, March 9 people have a clear picture of what they want to do with their life. Whatever they aspire to, they lay careful and intricate plans. They are drawn to pursuits requiring intensive training. Money is often a source of controversy.

Dreams and Goals

March 9 natives are constantly perusing their character, searching for the one reality that will explore and explain the totality of their existence. They often have a problem separating their personal identity from their work, though the relationships they seek out will help them accomplish this.

We are last... no wonder we're self-conscious.

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the astrological year and is known by its astrological symbol, the Fish. Pisces natives are in touch with their emotions, though not to the point of mawkishness. With Neptune as the ruling planet, they are apt to be idealists. Pisces natives are physically and emotionally strong but may put their hardiness to the test if they try to resolve others' emotional conflicts.

Below you’ll find general characteristics for the Pisces man, woman, child, lover, and friend. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find links to articles with detailed personality profiles for every day that falls under the Pisces sign. Read on to see if the characteristics ring true for you or the Fish in your life.

Pisces Information
Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Planetary ruler: Neptune
Birthstone: Aquamarine
Flower: Water lily
Color: Violet
Key characteristic: Compassion
Strengths: Idealism, spirituality, transcendence
Challenges: Escapism, weakness, self-deception

The Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman is mysterious but not aloof. She possesses an ageless charm that is enthralling to those who know her. Her capacity for sympathy and her understanding make her stand out. Pisces women find their greatest fulfillment through personal relationships. Even when talented, they may not respect their gifts. Many Pisces women are self-conscious and need a stronger individual to bring out their best qualities.

The Pisces Child

Pisces children are dreamers. At times they may seem caught up in their illusions and unable to tell reality from fantasy. These little ones should be allowed to explore the limitless boundaries of imagination without fear of ridicule. Playing games of imagination allows Pisces children to safely explore their creativity.

The Pisces Lover

Pisces men and women have an idealistic view of love and romance. Because of their sensitivity, they often prefer a fairy tale scenario to the real thing. Pisces know their vulnerabilities and are sometimes afraid the magic "bubble" will burst. The Piscean individual who is deeply in love may sacrifice themselves for their lover.

The Pisces Friend

Friendship comes naturally to Pisceans. Their commitment to easing the pain of others often draws them to less fortunate individuals. But pity is not involved. Although they may seem weak or unfocused, they are sympathetic listeners. They have strong links to the past and are likely to keep the same friends for years. Also, because of their intense family ties, Pisces natives may count a sibling or other relative among their closest friends.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

thank you but goodbye

have you ever had an elephant sit on you? well... me either, but 2008 kind of felt like one. i felt like i couldn't breathe. uncomfortable in my own skin. uncomfortable being me, hating myself more and more everyday because i wasn't getting it. i knew there was a lesson to be learned but not until i crossed over the line into 2009 did i realize what it was. last year was about breaking my pride. it was about being humble. asking for help. which is much on the same level for me as singing in public. i've only done it once. alcohol was involved... from what i hear i did a great job but the only thing i remember is the terror.

2008 taught me a valuable lesson. i am never alone. not ever. there is always someone there to pick me up, dust me off, tickle my toes and pat my ass on the way out the door. always. if i need it, i can ask. no strings. no guilt trip. no lecture. just help. it started out that people knew i needed help but would never ask. so they just sent the national guard without the invite. as the year progressed though, it became easier and easier to ask for help until i started feeling the opposite. i no longer was afraid to ask. i knew when the right time for assistance was. i learned the boundaries of need and want and how their territories differed so greatly. it's a lesson i needed to learn. hellish as it was, i sit here... thankful? grateful to God for the opportunity to learn a lesson and embracing it without even knowing it. funny how hindsight is always 20/20.

when that clock struck midnight on new years' i was in a parking lot hugging friends and ready for a celebration. i felt a relief i had never felt before. i could *feel* the good energy of this year wrap around me like armor. nothing can stop me this year. i have learned to be humble. to take the crappy job and be patient for the good it will yield. to make lemonade out of lemons. to be independent and thankful. and i am thankful. thankful that i have a steady job with decent hourly pay. thankful for my promotion, though the details and raise are on hold until further notice. thankful for my wonderful friends. my sister and i are getting closer. my mom finally has a dog to keep her company. and happy blog boyfriend is about to pop out and surprise me. he is coming out of hiding.

i don't know how to explain why i feel this way, i just do. i just *know* this year is going to be good. not just better than last year but a really great year. it's almost like God is letting me off the hook. i made Him proud. he understood that i had really learned the lesson. that humble and patience go hand in hand. and that asking for help is not admitting failure, which happens to be one of my larger fears. asking for help is simple another avenue to succeed. when i know i have a hard day coming i have always said that today is a day i have to put my big girl panties on. now i say on hard days.... fuck the panties... i'm going commando, because i have quite and army behind me to back me up. i don't feel like i have to do everything alone anymore to feel successful.

my recap this time last year would have included being stranded in BFE, no money, broken car, almost dying and a shitty boyfriend. now... i am looking forward to a promotion that i have been patiently waiting for, i still don't have any money but my situation is not as dire, i have a car i can afford, and i have dated some really *nice* guys. they might not have stuck around for the show to start but you know... not everyone is looking for what i am and i understand that. my happily ever after is coming. i don't know when or how or who, but i know that this year is going to bring me true, lasting, something or other. by this time last year i was cursing 2008 with every 4 letter word i knew and now i want to throw God a $20 tip and tell him what a great job he's doing.

it's amazing how one minute of your life you are completely down trodden... and the next.. victorious. so to 2008 i say thank you. thank you and goodbye. an old friend i will never forget. a friend that taught me lessons i resisted. that taught me the power of my strength. but it's time to move on. our time has passed. it was a great year and may it rest peacefully behind me.