Monday, March 24, 2008

why don’t you just take my first born too?

take my sanity.

take my days off.

"you’ll only have to work 40 hours a week" MY EYE!!!

give me attitude.

talk about me behind my back.

don’t listen to ANYTHING i say.

i must be an idiot after going to culinary school and working my way up to a manager without a title to think i might actually know what the fuck i’m doing when i actually GET a title.

"delegate, delegate, delegate"

"but not this or that, or that or that or that or that"

redo my schedule every 5 minutes... why don’t you just do it your damn self?

"you can’t have a mid"

"you NEED a mid"

make me come in on my days off.

call me about stupid shit you can handle on my days off.

don’t answer your phone on YOUR days off.

take away my breaks.

maybe i should just go apply somewhere else.

maybe you should take your bullshit and shove it.

maybe you won’t have a choice?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

why do i...

why do i...

say i love you when i know the answer will always be "alright, talk to you later"..

naively hoping you'll change and want me as much as i have wanted you. hoping for the possibility of a meaningful relationship. to have the closeness with someone like i haven't before. only to be slapped back into the reality that it's never going to happen with you. you'll never be emotional or want what i have to offer. you don't want my sex. you don't want my heart. you want me as your arm candy i guess. but nothing more. even you said that you're unsure of why you want to be with me.

i deserve better.
i want more.
i need to feel loved if i'm going to put my heart on the line again.

but let's face it.

you'll never love me. you barely even like me.