Wednesday, March 5, 2008

why do i...

why do i...

say i love you when i know the answer will always be "alright, talk to you later"..

naively hoping you'll change and want me as much as i have wanted you. hoping for the possibility of a meaningful relationship. to have the closeness with someone like i haven't before. only to be slapped back into the reality that it's never going to happen with you. you'll never be emotional or want what i have to offer. you don't want my sex. you don't want my heart. you want me as your arm candy i guess. but nothing more. even you said that you're unsure of why you want to be with me.

i deserve better.
i want more.
i need to feel loved if i'm going to put my heart on the line again.

but let's face it.

you'll never love me. you barely even like me.

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