Tuesday, August 8, 2006

who needs sleep?

Apparently not me. I can NOT sleep!!! I went to bed. Tossed and turned for almost 2 hours and got up because I couldn't stand it anymore. I hate having a to do list running through my head when I'm trying to rest. On another note, while I'm here... I joined a book club today. I bought 3 cookbooks and 3 other books for only S&H!! I ended up spending $21. For 6 books! 2 Betty Crocker Cookbooks (the original and a Christmas version), the new Giada De Laurentis cookbook family dinners (I love her!), and then the new Jennifer Weiner book out in a few weeks, The Alchemist (gift edition which is leatherbound and beautiful), and At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks. I seriously could spend all of my money on books and shelves to put them on. There is just something ridiculously satisfying about coming home with an armful of books. And for all you library lovers out there, for me, it isn't the same. It's knowing the book is mine. Opening the cover of a freshly unpacked book and the smell of the paper... oh my.. it's divine. Like a great tomato sauce or my grandma's kitchen.

Speaking of cooking, are we all aware that there is an entire aisle at Meijer dedicated to sauces and marinades? I love to cook and for some odd reason have just stumbled upon the fact that there are about 12,000 sauces and marinades out there. Except some are kind of useless. Green ketchup to name one. I mean, I get it's for kids but when I was little, green food was not exactly in my menu plan. I would eat peas and green beans if they were covered in butter thanks to my grandma, but I wouldn't have used green ketchup. I barely liked the RED variety.

And this is why I can't sleep! All these ridiculous random thoughts. Green vs. red ketchup? Wondering about a bunch of houses I saw for rent/sale and thinking of what color to paint the bathroom. What room will be pink? I need to remember to get butter and dog food tomorrow, even though I JUST went grocery shopping. I wonder if affordable health insurance exists? 10 am tomorrow with Patti! Is my skirt clean? Oh yeah, I forgot I have to cash that check. Eew, I think Hercules tooted. I'm hungry for Kraft Spiral Mac and Cheese. And oranges. I love my new hair cut. Awww... Hi Woobers. Sure go ahead sleep on my head! It's not like I'm sleeping anyway! I wonder if... hmm.. no. I can't wait to have my Cadillac. I need to update my goal posters. I wonder when the Triathlon is next year? I have so much I want to do next summer... family reunion in Nevada, Seminar in Dallas, Italy in August, Triathlon whenever that is, camp at some point with friends...

I think I'm tired!!! YES!!!!!!!! Sorry for the random thoughts... maybe now I can sleep!

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