Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day: My Funny Valentine

He gives me the giggles. He is the BEST cuddler. He lets me sleep in! He's REALLY cute. He's protective and man enough to know when he did something wrong. He waits until I eat to eat and never leaves me alone. He's friendly and loves all of my friends and my friends love him. He's kind of lazy but he prefers the term "laid back". He's SO smart! He greets me with a smile every time I walk in the door and would open all of my doors if he could. He gives good kisses and he loves me unconditionally. My Valentine.

My Hercules.

My dog. :)

But I'm starting to wonder if he's really a dog. He kind of um... pounces? Like a cat? And prances when he gets excited... sort of like a horse. He also really enjoys vegetables. Especially peppers because they squirt in his mouth which is absolutely the most hilarious thing to watch. Because afterward... he smiles and it almost looks like he's giggling. He loves to give hugs but refuses to learn the command for shake, we almost have high five down though. He can sit, stay, come, lay down, and knows what no means. He also knows if he looks you in the eye he has to obey which is becoming more and more prevalent when he doesn't feel like doing something.

This dog's personal ad would not include the following:
"enjoys long walks on the beach"
"working out is a priority of mine"
"my health is important so i eat 3 square meals per day and go light on the snacks"
"i hate naps"
"i don't like cats"
"affection is for the birds"

I love him like no one else in this world. He's been through a lot with me. We're best friends. My four-legged shadow, he follows me everywhere. When, on the very rare occasion, we go for a walk and he is off the leash he won't go more than 20 feet away from me and if he does he always looks back to make sure I'm following behind. He redefines loyal and if there were an IQ test for dogs he would score in the above average quadrant of the pie.

I couldn't ask for a better valentine. He can't give me a card or flowers or chocolate, because he would no doubt eat them all before he could deliver them to me. His gift is better than all of those things. The way he greets me at the door with his tail wagging in a giant circle. The sound of him eating or drinking water makes me giggle. His protection and unconditional love are more than I could ever ask. He's an amazing dog. The only thing that can make me smile on a good day gone terribly wrong.

All of these things are gifts. The best gifts that no money could ever buy.

I was truly blessed when this dog galloped into my life.

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