Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello Rock! Hello Hard Place!

Rock: What's the thing we're squishing?

Hard Place: Oh, that's just Kallay.

Rock: Do you think we should give her a break?

Hard Place: Naaaah! She always climbs over us anyway. She'll figure it out.

Rock: I hope so! She's turning blue!

Hard Place: And red! WOW!

Rock: I know right? Cool!

Hard Place: Lean in, maybe we can get her to turn purple!

Rock: OK!

Hard Place: Hm...

Rock: I think she's fighting...

Hard Place: I think you're right.

Rock: She just kicked me in the stone.

Hard Place: I know! She got me in the crack!

Rock: This isn't working.

Hard Place: Don't give up! We're making her strong!

Rock: Maybe, but she seems sad.

Hard Place: Trust me. She'll thank us later.

*sigh* I need sleep. Or something. I just wrote a note about what my rock and hard place have been talking about lately. This is ridiculous.

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