Wednesday, December 14, 2005

um.... princesses don't DO manual labor

So I wake up this morning to a note from my loving mother asking me to please shovel a walkway for the UPS guy. *insert screwed up face here* 1) Princesses don't DO manual labor and 2) I pulled a muscle yesterday. I key muscle for doing that kind of job! She was there! Is she nuts? I can barely move the mouse around let alone shovel snow! Feet of it to boot! So yeah, I pulled a muscle. You'll laugh once I tell you how I did it. I'll leave it for the end. Oh the suspense. I pulled a rib muscle though, one that goes from right under your boob all the way around the body to the spine. And it really hurts. I mean, laughing, coughing, clearing my throat, etc. are all out it hurts so much. Giggling warns me not to laugh. After I pulled it my mom had to take my bra off for me since I sure as hell couldn't reach around back there and do it myself. She's laughing at me hysterically all the while. I'm in major pain today though. Sleeping did not help at all. So you wanna know how I pulled this muscle that is causing me SO much pain?

I sneezed. No shit. I sneezed hard and I pulled a major muscle. You can stop laughing now. No seriously.

Fine. I'm out.

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