Tuesday, April 8, 2008

who is everyone?

mom has tony and whoever else beeps in to talk to her. i’m just some girl who lives in south carolina that she gave birth to 26 years ago.

my sister can’t help it.

my friends all have someone else they’d rather talk to.

he has other girls that he knew before me so of course they take priority. doesn’t matter if they ruin our relationship. i’m not that important or special anyway.

even though i bust my ass, i still get a laughable raise and a bonus fit for a beggar.

who am i to deserve these things anyway? obviously i did something to piss off the world because the world seems to be pissed off at me.

so why do i try so hard? why did i work 65 hours for nothing? why do i try and console and make people laugh or do nice things or post comments or say i love you when i know THIS is what i get in return?


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