Thursday, March 19, 2009

25 Random Facts You May Already Know About Me (but probably not)

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1. I have a backwards "J" on my left hand because I fell off a chair when I was little with a bowl in my hand and the jagged edge of the bowl broke my fall. So, damn, mom was right. If you stand on a chair you could fall. No wonder I'm afraid of ladders, step stools and the like....

2. I was born Julia Kallay Freeland and 27 years later am now Kallay Anna Carr. No, I am not in the witness protection program.

3. I am awesome at Cranium. YOU want ME on YOUR team!!

4. I hate the words... panties, creamy, moist, and the four letter c word. Panties because of Victoria's Secret sales people, creamy because of a mac & cheese commercial from the 90's, moist because of a chef in college who referred to all baked goods as moist, and the c word because it's just unclassy.

5. I hate it when people ask me why I didn't finish culinary school... well.... because I wanted to own my own restaurant, not be a chef. They are different. I actually had a customer ask me the other day why I wasn't doing what I wanted to do and I replied "I am! I love coffee and the cafe business and I will own my own cafe one day." To which he replied "Oh. Sorry." dork.

6. I am terrified of singing in front of other people, but I have always dreamed of being a lounge singer. Go figure.

7. I have started and quit smoking 5 times.

8. I pace when I talk on the phone and then wonder why I am out of breath when I am done.

9. I can beat any man I know in a burping contest. (yes, i know... unclassy)

10. I LOVE old people. Their stories, their grumpier than all get out attitude, and canes. They're just kind of awesome.

11. I have climbed Mount Rainer. Not to the top but high enough that I could see Mt. St. Helen's and other surrounding mountains. It was gorgeous.

12. I would move back to Seattle in a heartbeat if my family wasn't so far away.

13. I could eat Taco Bell everyday. Ice cream too.

14. I LOVE pink, obsessively so. I used to get mad in Kindergarten when the big crayons only came in primary colors.

15. I LOVE brushing my teeth!

16. I have a mild celebrity crush on Vin Diesel. (even though he's 3 inches shorter than me)

17. I look 6 months preggers after eating rice, but I can't stop eating it.

18. I write restaurant reviews for a website in Knoxville. (

19. Don't tell my sister, but certain friends (Kerry) would call me June Cleaver when I lived in Washington.

20. I had an emergency appendectomy last summer and have hardly anything to show for it. No cool scars. :(

21. I have now officially read two series I said I never would... Harry Potter and Twlight.

22. I have moved (hold on to your seats) 17 times since I was 18, give or take a few.

23. I am afraid of the dark.

24. I wanted a cool nick name when I was little because everyone else in my family had one. (ex... Kick, Midge, Bec, Sis, Banjo, etc.) So they asked me what I wanted to be called and I came up with... Flashlight Corn. It stuck and my family had Happy Birthday Flashlight Corn written on my 16th Birthday Cake. I was also called Grace because of my stunning ability to trip over air. My sister has also come up with plenty over the years including but not limited to... Kallerina Ballerina, Kallay Carr-door, Kallay Carr-bohydrate, Kallay Carr-digan, Kallay Carr-borator, Kal-orie Carr.........

25. I would rather scrub a toilet than wash a sinkful of dirty dishes.


26. I never leave the house without mascara on because my eyelashes are invisible they are so white.

27. I have enough lipgloss for about 40 people.

28. I love stand up comedy.

29. I had a small addiction to black olives when I was younger... I have taken control since then.

30. I literally can not function with coffee in the morning.

31. I am extremely competitive.

32. My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day, even when I'm single.

33. History bores me to tears.

34. I want to learn to speak Italian.

35. I have a "thing" for southern accents. (not the hicktown redneck ones... the OTHER ones)

36. I can't stand Sheryl Crow's voice.

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