Friday, March 6, 2009

Just when you think you can smile....

So yesterday was just a horrible day. Two of my favorite coworkers' jobs were eliminated. I was hung over like nobody's business. Threw up at work. It was just awful. SO I came home. Got in comfy clothes, grabbed a giant water, and facebooked my fingers off. Roomie and I decided to go pick up my car from the bar because I refuse to drive drunken. And then it was off to greasy food land to cure the hang over. Hooray for Taco Bell!

Had a nice class-less dinner at Taco Bell. Ate my body weight in nachos and other nacho cheese covered goodies and drove home.

Only to find a car very far into my front yard, a wobbly old rich guy and a terrified 16 year old. What the HELL is going on!? Apparently wobbly old rich guy has had a few too many and drove around 50 mph across our street and parked his car on a stump in our yard missing the 16 year old's car by about a car length. By the time I arrived the car had been there for about 15 minutes and no one had thought to call the police. So I dial 911 and tell them there is a car and a drunk guy in my front yard and could they kindly remove them? A few minutes later the wrecking service arrives and I tell them to please wait, the police are on the way. Wrecking service guys freak out because they aren't supposed to be there before the cops. I told them not to worry that they were called by someone else and they won't get in trouble. Breathe boys.

Police finally show up and arrest the wobbly old rich guy for drunk driving and probably running a stop sign and probably some other things like property damage, etc. FINALLY the wrecking service attempts to remove the Infiniti from our front yard. I felt bad for wobbly old rich guy because he has obviously already had a bad night and now it's way worse with his jacked up really nice car and his impending night in the slamma. BUT I was also really pissed off. My "dad" died in a drunk driving accident and killed himself and another person who was like an older sister to me. I have zero tolerance for this kind of thing. Plus, the 16 year old and I talked and apparently his brother had been killed in a drunk driving accident 3 years ago. And the cops were having a good ol' time chuckling and carrying on. I thought... how insensitive! But they ARE men so maybe that's ok for them. I'm not sure. Whatever the case it pissed me off.

So I started getting all weepy teary faced because it brings back memories. I cried because wobbly old rich guy could have killed this sweet little boy and his parents would have been devastated AGAIN. I cried because I missed Fred and I was actually angry at him for the first time in 12 years. Interesting how grief comes around and bites you in the ass when you least expect it. I cried because I walk my dog where this man crashed and could have been killed or worse... Hercules could have been killed. I was just emotional about it. Woke up this morning thinking about Fred, drove to work in a daze and just didn't feel good.

As the day wore on my day improved, my mood changed, and I started to feel better about life. As I turned onto the road home I drove by another head on collision complete with fire truck and ambulance and it all came crashing back again. A sign of the times I guess. I've never seen so many accidents in a 24 hour period. On my way home yesterday I saw a guy smashed into a pole right around the corner from our house. Then on our way to get my car we saw a refrigerator and a stove in the middle of the highway and some cars on the side of the road that apparently didn't see them coming. Then our front yard and then the accident on the way home... It's just depressing. People drinking in the middle of the day to forget about how much money they don't have and then ruining their lives by driving.

I realize this is turning into a PSA but too bad for you. It made me sad. And I thought we all might need a reminder of why we call a friend or call a taxi. It's worth it.

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