Wednesday, June 11, 2008

i'm JUST saying...

i'm the girl that says what everyone else is thinking.

unfortunately for me that means i'm not PC and you know what? i'm actually cool with that.

every time you turn around there's a new name for something that's considered inappropriate or in some way disrespectful.

we'll take me for example just because i can laugh at myself and i'm not that uptight about most things...

i make coffee. in the days of yester (yes i'm making shit up) they would call me a coffee girl or starbucks lady or whatever. but now we get a fancy title... BARISTA! what the fuck does that even mean? i mean it's cool and shit but still... necessary? not really. i'm sure at some point someone will get offended because it's not actually english and we'll evolve into something even more obscene and PC like coffee artists or caffeinated brown beverage assemblers. so instead of applying for something simple... you'll now have a 4 very long word description.

i can talk about this too because i was a secretary once and had no problems with that either. but ok... we have "Secretary's Day" right? but we can't call them that anymore. they are "office assistants". how the fuck does THAT fit on a balloon? Happy Office Assistants' Day??

i don't know. i've never been in the business of ass kissing. i mean the thought of changing who i am to gain something because i've offended someone seems odd to me. i mean if my comment was made in the pure spirit of evil then yeah, fuck me! what a bitch! and because i'm totally sweet i'll more than likely apologize. BUT if i'm joking around... lighten up! for real. and for real i mean seriously. not lying. you need to release your political chains and LAUGH for crying out loud.

with all the talk of people hating politics these days... why do we then strive to conform ourselves to be POLITICALLY CORRECT? if you really hate politics would you not rebel against these ridiculous titles and just lighten up? just saying...

cuz if i have to scroll through one more job site with ONE MORE PC title for waitress... i'm gonna fuckin' scream.

i realize that this blog makes me look ADD but i am right now and that's ok too. because job hunting sucks, especially when there are 50 jobs to choose from for 700,000 unemployed people. and scrolling through site after site after site after site of 12 different ways of saying we need waitresses... i just got annoyed and had to say it. i'm not PC. just keep it simple. not because i'm stupid but because i don't have time to try and figure out what you mean by "experienced, friendly, motivated, hard working, food service coordinator" only to find out it's a waitressing position. WHAT IF I WANT A WAITRESSING POSITION??? what if i google "waitress positions in michigan" and because google can't understand what the fuck you're saying i miss out on a cool job? damn you people and your PC bullshit.

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