Monday, June 30, 2008

angry... very very angry

i'm mad at myself for moving here without a plan.

i'm pissed off at WHORES.

i'm pissed that i bend over backwards for people who in the end just push me down instead of help me up.

i'm pissed you don't call when you say you will.

i'm pissed that i feel like i'm living under a microscope.

i fucking hate myspace today.

i hate this city.

i'm mad that a district manager can't do his damn JOB.

i'm annoyed with the "just be patient" bullshit.

i'm fucking tired of being lied to.

i hate double standards.

this weather is stupid.

my car is dumb.

i need a fucking haircut.

i want new clothes.

i don't want to see another bill from the hospital to add to my already $25,000 bill. (FUCK!)

i want my job back.

i want my boyfriend back.

i want my happy life back.

i'm tired of bills and people calling me about money that i obviously don't have.

i'm thankful for the people who are willing to work with me.

i'm pissed at the people who won't.

i'm tired of games.

i'm so fucking annoyed with having to be humble and ask for help. I FUCKING GET IT GOD! ENOUGH ALREADY!

i'm tired of false friendships and people who only care about themselves.

my neck hurts.

my back hurts.

my allergies are retarded.

i hate the army.

and i'm especially mad at YOU!

YOU = a few people

i'm cranky.

i'm irritated.

i'm bitchy.

i'm extremely impatient.

i'm just really really really ANGRY!

i think you're ugly.

i hate your hair.

you need to fucking grow up.

i can't stand your attitude.

you're just an idiot of epic proportions.

you deserve to be castrated.

you have no backbone.

you're a bitch. and so are you and you and you and you.

i'm annoyed and you're an asshole.

you suck.

you swallow.

you need to learn english.

you need to learn everything.

and i need a hug.


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