Friday, October 24, 2008

the vicious circle

while i sit and wait for the tow truck (!!!) as patiently as one can wait for a tow truck (!!!) i figured i could relay a little recap of my morning. it started out well... good hair day, cute outfit, excited to meet the district manager. left for work on time.... crunch.

the vicious circle bites me in the ass again.

pictures to come later... but there is a stump in the "parking area" of our house. it's not really a parking area but it fits cars and it's closer to the door than walking down the big slippery hill to the actual parking lot. anyway, the stump is big enough to fall over (ask teresa), pop a tire, or get the front end of your car stuck. but not big enough to do any real damage. orrrrr so i thought.

it's a rainy morning. typical fall day. chilly, spitty, and dark as atlanta. i backed out and *thought* i backed out far enough to where i could turn, merrily miss the stump and drive to work and arrive early. nope. crunch, grind, twist... my car is stuck on the stump. it won't back up, it won't go forward, i put it in park and it made the sound equivalent of car vomit. in case you didn't know... grinding, crunching, squealing, screeching, etc... are all bad noises, especially when coming from your car. so i get out to inspect the front end thinking maybe i can see which way to turn to unhook my car from the yard. turn the wheel. gas. nope. now i have a cute little car with squiggling lines blinking on the dashboard. and grinding noises again after putting it in park. ok, says my brain. time to call the tow truck. and work. clearly arriving early is no longer on the friday agenda.

call work. "thank you for letting us know. we hope it all works out. call us when you are on your way" good deal.

call the FREE mazda roadside assistance. am told the driver must take my car to the mazda dealership to be checked out. well, that's no good because i sense a deep ass raping in my bank account's future. cancel truck.

"dear God, thank you for letting my roomie get a job at a car shop. amen." call teresa. another FREE tow truck is on the way. getting the car fixed (if need be) will now save my bank account from the trauma of a dealership mechanic.


the district manager is coming in to the store today and i wanted to meet her so we could talk about the exciting happenings in january. said conversation may or may not take place due to the delay of the tow truck driver. apparently a lot of other people are having a freaky friday as well. he will be here in 15 minutes. seeing as how this all started around 7:19 this morning... 3 hours later... i am still sitting at home. checked my bank account to see if there was anyway to afford this... that's a big fat naw. insurance and cellular phones are expensive and have dragged my bank account into the land of crimson. hooray!

trying to be optimistic... i'm trying to add up the positive things...

1) this accident has forced me to clean out my car and rid myself of trash and water bottles.

2) we have quite the collection of new water bottles.

3) i found teresa's coffee mug.

4) cool! mittens!

5) i am forced to wear a black t-shirt to work due to the fact that my cute sweater is now soaking wet from the rain i was standing in to clean out the car and to assess damage. but i get to wear a t-shirt nonetheless.

6) i will not have to deal with the grumpy morning crowd at work.

7) i have time to take hercules out to go pee and possibly even get him to do his business!

8) i have another hilarious story in my arsenal of what not to do.

9) my hair still looks cute in spite of the rain.

10) my makeup is still on.

11) discounted car repair is always, always, always positive.

but alas, 2008 strikes again. i'm going to go try #7 and then i'm going to pray really really hard that my car is fine and is just grinding because it's mad that it's stuck on the stump. the small but not small enough stump.


2 comments: said...

WEll I am sorry you have had a sucky morning and sucky 2008. I feel your pain though....good with the bad......hasn't been the best year for alot of people :( Well there is always 2009!

iTeresa said...

the tornado continues to blow through, is it an f5 yet????