Friday, October 24, 2008

payback.... mwahaha

we're not mean. we just don't like hearing doors SUHLAMMING when we are trying to have a peace of QUIET! slamming doors makes hercules bark, which in turn then makes bella bark. for some reason small dogs have built in screeching loud barks which is about 100 times as annoying as a giant hercules bark. so... in an attempt to ensure the quiet friday night pj fest... we decided to payback our maneighbors.

by slamming each. and. every. door in the house. my bedroom door slammed so hard... DUST flew out. the sound was deafening. we get about 20 minutes of peace and then....


so teresa decides that every time a door slams she's going to slam a door. so she gets up and slams my bedroom door which we have now confirmed is the best and easiest door to slam in the house. the face is something comparable to "i'm going to kick your ass" pre-slam and then after... glee!!

i think somehow, someway, we have initiated a slam the door war. but they started it.

although... they did hang a noose on the front porch the other day and i flung it over the banister so it wouldn't hang down in my face when leaving for work. then the next day it was hanging down again so naturally it was flung right back over the railing. i mean really, it's kind of tempting to actually insert my head at the moment considering... but i fling it instead. take THAT suicide! mwahaha.

so we actually have a couple of wars going on.

i say it's high time for a prank fest!!!

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