Friday, July 17, 2009

It is unacceptable for the crazy alarm to go off before my second cup of coffee...

...but it didn't adhere to this very important rule this morning.

No it sure didn't!

iT and I decided to save the earth this morning and car pool. Well, that was handy!! Turned out, we had to use some major team work this morning. My opener slept in because she is (like the rest of us) exhausted. So I opened for her, which was fine because I had some other stuff I wanted to get done in the cafe this morning.

BUTT. (it's a big butt, get it? ha! sorry) anyway...

BUT... the problem here is that no one is really seeing the ripple effect here except for the people that have the most responsibility and the least say. I have to be careful what I say here. All I can say is that this morning was an epic failure of mass proportions and I hope that we can recover and get it together. Always a fun concept when we already know it's only going to get more interesting.

I'll give you the run down though so you can kind of see what I am dealing with this morning.

First of all, I closed last night. Which means that I was home around 11. WIRED like an alarm system and damn it if I couldn't fall asleep. So around 1 am my lids are just about to close when I hear... WTF? Is that fireworks? Yeah, those are fireworks... Awesome. Definitely not falling asleep anytime soon. Hooray. Alarm is going off at 5 am. Yeah, that's in four hours. 2 am... I am finally sleeping.

5 am... good morning world! And good morning Madeline! (who is in my face purring and tapping my nose with her paw as if to say... mama... i hungry... get up and feed my fat ass please (oh right, who am i kidding, since when do cats say please?)) And so I rise. I push my favorite button (that would be the coffee maker btw) and take a shower. I'm so proud of myself at this point. I'm up at 5 am, coffee is dripping, I'm showering and SHAVING (WHAT!?), and I don't have to clock in until 1 am. But ya know... we're saving the earth today so it's cool.

Leave the house caffeinated, heading to work, bright eyed and bushy tailed haired because I curled it this morning. I want to sing "I feel pretty..." and run about 15 miles. Arrive at work practically skipping and then all hell broke loose. I am surprisingly still in a fabulous mood though. I could run about 5 miles now since I used about 10 miles of my energy opening the cafe and assisting with the store open.

And that's as far as I have gotten. I'm doodling around the internet waiting for my second two hour shift (haha!) to begin. Could use a fire stick about now though. I mean... really.

Plans for the weekend include a movie tonight (perhaps Harry Potter... or just the stay at home kind since a friend generously offered a Netflix loan), working in the morning again (woot!) and then Saturday night is girls' night out. We need it. More than fish need water. I need to dance and have a beer or 7 (ok fine... 8). I need to dress up and wear heels that are inappropriate for work. I need to get sweaty from fun rather than from a mop bucket and a hot sink.

May your day be less retarded than mine and your weekend more creative. :)

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Kerry said...

haha Love ya Kalz! See Harry Potter?