Monday, August 10, 2009

mind vomit... more like dry heeves

needing to get all of this out somewhere but i don't know a foreign enough language for it to be acceptable for the public eye.

don't want anyone to know, but i need it out of my head resting somewhere other than in between the folds of sanity that are left.

starting to feel a little bit like a train wreck on the inside while the outside is merrily catching up. so much for the instant face lift avon... thanks.

i'm too nice of a person to tell people how i really feel about them... mostly because i don't want to either a) scare them away or b) hurt their feelings.

a lot of my neurological spinning is relationship oriented. there are also the monetary spins, the what the fuck do i do now swirls, and the i need something more circles.

i thought PMS was supposed to hit BEFORE your period?


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