Thursday, August 27, 2009

go go gadget patience!

this shit is for the birds. i have the patience of a saint when it comes to people. but i am admittedly hands down the most impatient person when it comes to surprises (that i know about), call backs and waiting in general. i just suck at it.

i have recently decided that watching my niece and nephew grow up in pictures is not my cup of tea. so i'm throwing it down the drain and moving back to the north. i don't want to talk about the snow, the freezing cold, or the ice wind. i will adjust eventually. they are worth it. the city of choice is chicago. i have interviewed for a fantastic position, scouted an apartment and a great little neighborhood. all of this is resting on one job interview and my stomach is a giant whirly twirly knot. i have applied at some other places, received some call backs and emails. no other interviews though at this point. i called the GM today and was told that she is checking my references and that she will make a decision by monday. she is also checking out two other candidates' references. my head officially hurts and my day has gone accordingly...

i woke up at 11:30 am after accidentally shutting my alarm off at 9 when i was originally going to wake up and greet my day. after getting ready and realizing i have no clothes to wear to work i put on a pink t-shirt that is not dress code and drank some coffee to wake up. i traveled all weekend on my days off so laundry is currently doing it's wishy washy thing. i drove to work. was there on time for once his month. clocked in, looked at the daily.... and fuck me... Kallay Sup was supposed to be there at 5 pm. not 1 pm. son of a bitch god damn it.

so i clocked out. prepared a couple of triple lattes for roomie and me and began the walk back to my car. (i also parked in the back today where we are supposed to park but i never do... rebellious i am... had a bit of a jog back to the car with my hands full of lava hot milk and coffee, sleeves kallay, sleeves!) i made roomie an extra hot almond latte so it would still be hot when i got home. apparently the cup was bent on one side though so i made the entire walk back to the car and then spilled all the good foam on my driver's side window and roof. arg. thank god i had two napkins still left from the road trip up to chicago. yup. just the two. begin to wipe milk off the car and finished with some dry napkin. small blessings... because i spilled it AGAIN when i tried to put it in the cup holder. apparently the gear shift and console also wanted to try my almond latte creation. fuckers. used the rest of the dry napkin to collect the sticky shit from the car and drove back home.

now i'm waiting for the laundry to finish drying so i can change my shirt for work... again. this whole waiting around for a phone call is worse than dating. i'm dating a job interview. i just want to hear... "i love you." is that so hard? those other two candidates can not be as awesome as i am. i'm just saying that to make myself feel better. but let's be honest, i need it more than they do. my current life situation depends on this. i am halfway to crazy. spilling stuff. showing up to work 4 fucking hours early, and have had more sweets in the past two days than i have had in a month. this is ridiculous. i'm eating my patience. brownie sundaes, apple fritters, cookies, lattes with extra shots and extra caramel... my thighs are screaming STOP STOP STOP! my mind is screaming EAT FOOL! EAT! my phone just stuck it's tongue out at me.

stupid patience. what a bitch.

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