Wednesday, August 12, 2009

scrapin' up bunnies

alright... here's the run down.

i had a bad experience. the whole of tuesday was a bad experience really. it was just endless bad hour after bad hour. so bad, i was starting to think that maybe it wasn't tuesday after all. maybe it really was monday and God was just fucking with me. but no... it was tuesday. my computer confirmed it. and so did my cellphone. the worst part was that it started at 6:25 am and didn't end until 4 in the morning on wednesday.

my mental scroll for tuesday august 11....

6:25 am: ugh. i need coffee.

6:30 am: holy damn it! it's 6:30???? I set my alarm for 5:25... right? oh shit! (check phone... sure enough... 5:25... my phone malfunctioned in the night.)

7:00 am: must drive faster....

7:10 am: "hey it's me! i'm on the way... my alarm's retarded i'm sorry!"

7:20 am: what the hell? did you turn out the lights and just walk away? i mean really? i need a to do list.
1. clean cafe.
2. open cafe.
3. do order
4. make lots of phone calls.
5. break at 12 to allow time for training.

9:00 am: oh man... it's going to be one of *those* days.

10:00 am: you're retarded... can i have an oven that works please?
10:05 am: you're retarded... can you pick up these 3 week old scones now? they're *still* not mine.
10:10 am: you're retarded... can you please fix my jet propelled water filtration system please? i actually only need the one shower per day. thanksverymuch. you said 3 weeks ago you would fix it.

11:00 am: i'm on the bookfloor... why? can i do MY job now?? please?

12:00 pm: still have to put in the order... guess i'm not having that hour of blissful break today.

12:30 pm: SON OF A MOTHER...... did that just happen? (power went out... lost my order... going to have to redo that later...)

12:45 pm: left over kraft is the shit.

1:00 pm: training, training, training.... leave me alone, stop interrupting, would you JUST! GAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh lord... how am i going to train these people in 2 days? how?

2:30 pm: i need nicotine. lots of fucking nicotine.

4:15 pm: well... i *was* going to be going home now.

5:00 pm: ok email... 17 tries is ample enough chances to LOAD PLEASE.

5:30 pm: finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok.. order's in. whew! no break today. been here for 10 hours with no break. i'm officially done and done.

6:30 pm: aahhh... *sigh* home again. hercules please pee. bella stop eating the... damn it STOP! eating! the! grass! shit! OH! good girl! :)

7:00 pm: yoga man here i come.

7:45 pm: oooohhmmmmmmm.... wait... warrior pose what? can we just skip the ouchies and skip to the part where we lay on the ground and you talk about letting good energy in and i put the lavender pillow on my eyes and have nap time? oh right... pigeon. yes, great idea. oooor not. ouch!!! ooo... i love happy baby! we're almost there! *snore* namaste and stuff!

9:30 pm: oliver is having another seizure i think... oh... no he's just dancing.

10:30 pm: why is borders calling? we're closed!

10:45 pm: i can't believe i'm driving back to work.... i can't believe i'm driving back to work.... i can't believe i'm driving back to work....

11:00 pm: crisis averted... keys unlocked... need food. thanks nice mcdonald's lady!

11:30 pm: mmm... belly full.

relax, relax, relax, facebook, giggle, facebook, giggle....

2:00 am: (RING) what the.... who is calling me at 2 am????

2:30 am: i can't believe i'm driving back to work.... i can't believe i'm driving back to work.... i can't believe i'm driving back to work.... i swear if someone is in there, they will wish they hadn't broken into the store at 2 am. damn damn damn......

3:00 am: WOH!!!! BUNNY!!!! oh god... missed it. thank go.... ugh... what the hell? am i dragging... oh my god!!!!!

3:15 am: yep, i'm insane. i'm scraping up a bunny that's skinned, half alive, half squirting organs, off the road and onto the grass with my ice scraper. yup. sure am! because anyone would! i mean i can't just leave it here. oh my god bunny stop blinking please. :( :( :( :( don't cry. don't cry. don't cry. ok... rest in peace little bunny. i'm so sorry. :( :( :(

4:00 am: i suck. this day sucked. i have to be up at a stupid 6. my gas light is on. have to ask alice for money. i miss my family. oh crap i forgot to send that email to jennifer! i have to do that tomorrow. i wonder if i could photo shop the decorations onto the cake. poor bunny. *cry* am i for real still awake? its been 22 hours. i should be sleepy. i should be... *snore*

9:00 am: it's WHAT!? NINE!? i was supposed to be at work at 8! oh... eff. em. ell. damn damn damn.......

*cry in car*

7:25 pm: i need a vacation.

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sarah said...

that made me really sad. i hope you took a nap. a long nap.