Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What have *I* been doing?

I made a promise to myself that I would not blog until I finished my essays for school. I'm done with one and the other is in my head, it just needs to be written down. Also, I wrote another article (since it's been a month). Here's the link...
Coffee's Crappy Side: Kopi Luwak and Jacu Bird Coffee

Comments welcome! :) Also, please subscribe. No spam will be sent. It sends you an email when I write an article. No special offers, no awesome porn, no awful porn, just a friendly email letting you know that I have gotten over my writer's block, wrote an article about our friend coffee and how to get there.

As soon as I jot down my other essay, our regularly scheduled blogging will commence. Happy. Joy. I miss my blog.

So, have no fear! I will be back before the New Year!


Allyson said...

Not only did you blog to let us know that you would be blogging more, but you made it rhyme. And it's about time.
I'm going to have some wine and
A Corona with a lime
Watch some Kevin Kline
And look forward to bacon fryin' (If you live in KY, that TOTALLY rhymes). Off to check out your article...

kallay said...

I have blogs ready to go too! lol

Christmas Cookies
Another Oviler Adventure
A Grand Gesture
My New Year's "Resolutions"

I'm foaming at the mouth. Blog Rabies...

Also, having just moved back from the south, I totally read that as a rhyme. Guess you can't take the honky tonk out of the girl.

heart charlie said...

Good luck with your other essay ;) I can't wait for more posts, in the meantime I will check out the link to your article! Thanks for stopping by my blog btw!

sarah said...

jeez, i was wondering what rock you were hiding under! a little warning next time, maybe?? juuuust kiddin!

good luck with your paper and i look forward to you recommencing your blogs

speaking of which, i think i may post my new year's resolutions tonight! is it too early? i'm always jumping the gun on these things.

Anonymous said...


You have a lot more willpower then I do...thank god I didn't blog while I was still in school or else I never would have gotten a thing done.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Dang it. Now I remember that I too have essays to write.

Congrats on the one down, one to go!