Saturday, February 10, 2007


I'm sick so I've been stuck inside for the past few days. No energy to really do anything. The only thing I can think of to do that sounds mildly entertaining is to cook something yummy for dinner. Like chicken parmigian. I hope I can eat it. I thought about going to see a movie but that entails getting dressed and spending money and neither of those sound appealing. I could go to church tonight but coughing all over everyone is kind of rude. And I hate the sniffy person in church. It's like they're trying to be heard on the recording so later on in life they can have a claim to fame when their pastor becomes a televangelist. "Hey listen to this guys! Hear the sniffing... totally me." Jerk.

Board games are meant for 2 and up. I could create an imaginary friend, but you know, I wasn't really planning on going off my rocker this weekend. I could play solitaire but then my right hand will get cold from sitting on the computer all day. I could talk on the phone if my voice worked. I could go through pictures and make a mess but then I'll get tired and I won't want to pick up all the thousands of pics all over the floor. Then my cat will lick them all because she has a fetish with licking tape, envelopes, sticky notes and pictures. My dog will think she's getting closer to him because she wants to play so then he'll chase her and the piles will get unorganized. She'll get mad at the dog and chaos will ensue. I'm too tired for chaos.

So cooking is really my only option here. Guess I'll go defrost some chicken.

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