Monday, January 29, 2007

sweetest thing ever....

I recently acquired a new part time job picking up 4 kids from school and taking them home. They are the sweetest kids. So today it is snowing like crazy out and I'm late picking them up. It sucks. And then it takes 8 years to get them home because the roads SUCK. Icy/snowy/slushy/sucky. So I get them home with all of their parts and the oldest girl hands me all these papers. SOOOOO cute!

On the first page it says Thank you Miss Kalley! (yes it's spelled wrong who cares!?) and then she drew a blue car underneath it. *aw* Then the next page says:

Thank you for bringing us home from school today, you are the best!

To: Miss. Kalley

Love: Neely (last name here)

Then the next page (I KNOW! Can you believe how many pages!) is Miss. Kalley in block letters in red and blue.

And then on the next page is ME in the middle in a blue dress and with curly hair and the four of them on either side of me. It's so funny. I have these giant red lips and the girls all have small lips and then the brother has giant red lips too. LOL!

Then the last page just says Thank You

Is that not the sweetest thing EVER!? It's only the FIRST day!!!! Can you imagine what migth happen on my birthday!?

I just had to share. It was TOO cute.

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