Monday, January 22, 2007

God gets TEN!

So as I'm growing personally and spiritually I have come to the conclusion that my time and money are not being used as wisely as they could be. God gives me everything that I have. He provides for my needs and then some. He gives me encouragement, He provides my everyday human needs (food, water, chelter, clothing, heat, etc.), and He provides my time. Of course we never know how much is doled out to us so my challenge to myself is this: God gets TEN.

If you're a Christian you've heard about the 10% rule before. If you can even call it a rule. God provides 100% of what I have and only asks that I return 10%. He LETS me keep the remaining 90% for myself. It's an abundance when you look at it like this...

Your mother or grandmother or whoever cooks Thanksgiving dinner. (We'll use grandma for this.) She provides the turkey, rolls, mashed potatoes, veggies, desserts, appetizers, table, chairs, plates, napkins, etc. What if she said to you... I only want 10%... but YOU (insert your name here) can have the remaining 90%. Hello... I can NOT eat 90% of a turkey plus 90% of all the fixings.. That is an abundance of food, plates, napkins, etc. I do not NEED all of that, but she gave it to me so therefore I should use it wisely. Therefore, I decide to share my 90% with my family and friends joining me.

God only wants 10% of my (His) time and 10% of my (HIS) money. I've broken it down like this...

In one day I have: 24 hours. That means God only wants 2.4 hours of my day. OR 16.8 hours of my week. OK, done.

Monday: BINGO with my old folks and bible study = 2.5 hours

Tuesday: Girls on the Run and bible study = 3.5 hours

Wednesday: BINGO and bible study = 2.5 hours

Thursday: Girls on the Run, bible study and small group= 4.5 hours

Friday: bible study = 1 hour

Saturday: bible study and prayer walk = 2 hours (every month 3rd week of the month greeting and church... add an hour)

Sunday: church (every 4th week ushering) (3rd week of the month, bible study and ??) = 1 hour plus rest

My income is private and I won't post it however I will tell you that I am recommitting myself to tithing. I think it's important, I believe in the power of it, and I love my church, so giving 10% isn't a big deal to me. This church has given me so much already. New friends, peace (that's worth 90% if you ask me!!!), love and opportunity. I don't have many things in my life that I can honestly say have provided all of these things.

Why the sudden lightblub moment? Who knows? It's just something that was placed on my heart today and I prayed about it and decided it was worth the follow through. It's something I've thought about and never followed through on. It's a commitment, but a great one.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I believe that there's someone reading who needs this message as much as I did(do). To stop being selfish and to start giving. To have the ability is a blessing. Not everyone can. I am thankful to God for giving me the ability and for making me look at my situation honestly. A week ago I would have told you that I couldn't afford the money or the time or wasn't ready or didn't want to.... God has a funny way of knocking you upside the head sometimes. I know He's giggled at my decisions on more than one occasion. Probably even more than once today! The thing is... I believe God when He says He will provide when I give. A week ago I wasn't quite sure. I believe Him when He says rely on me, that I can, and when He says have peace in me, that I will have peace.

There are always obstacles and there are always hard times but those are the times to lean closer, rely more, and have peace with Him.

For the skeptics.. no I didn't just get back from a Seminar, nor did I hear or read anything about this subject. It was simply laid on my heart today. Actually it was when I was counting my $3 in tips. And then again tonight. He's knocking, better answer. That's as simple as it was for me. My prayer is that my challenge for myself will bless someone else. That's all.

Have a great Tuesday! :)

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