Sunday, September 28, 2008

my sweet precious woobie

this morning at around 5:30 one of my very favorite friends passed away. she was kind and gentle. when she was younger she loved to stand up on our balcony and catch koosh balls (remember those!?) and then she would bat them back down so we could throw them again. her other hobbies included eating, sleeping, chasing hair things and strings... she was always a kitten at heart up until about a week ago.

she loved people and especially her other fur friends who over the years have included 2 cocker spaniels, 3 golden retrievers, and who knows how many cats, although her favorite was my other cat Madeline. she looooooved boys. they always trumped me when it was time to choose a lap. everyone loved her. she was the best cat i have ever had. she came with me through every move, every marriage and divorce, every heart break, every success.... she's been there. to cuddle with me and console me. she would lay her sweet little face on my hand and lick away tears. now, as i mourn her, all i want is her on my lap purring away.

olivia was born in november 1989. she had a great life, at one point weighing almost 15 lbs. she was a fighter. anytime she was sick she would fight it and come through. so many times i have thought that i was going to have to put her down but she always sprang back to life and continued on. even up until her peaceful rest she fought. when i saw her last night she refused to close her eyes. she just laid her head on my arm and held on with her other paw with the little strength she had left, staring straight ahead and sometimes looking up as if to say.... "thanks for being here with me."

i am completely heart broken. it's going to be hard leaving tomorrow, but i know she is in a better place now. no longer suffering from the paralyzation she experienced yesterday morning after having a stroke.

ugh my poor woobie.

rest peacefully my love.

Olivia "Woobie"
November 1989 - September 2008

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