Friday, August 1, 2008

another double day post

just counting...

how many times i've had to move since i was 18... don't mind me...

madison, wi
- own apartment
- lived with bf

seattle, wa
- apartment

tacoma, wa
- lived with friend

fort lewis, wa
- lived with friends
- lived with different friends

lacey, wa
- lived in apartment

fort lewis, wa
- house!

holland, mi
- lived with sister

st. joseph, mi
- lived with mom

kalamazoo, mi
- lived in apartment

holland, mi
- lived in apartment

hilton head, sc
- lived in house with roomies
- lived in condo with roomie

jackson, mi
- lived with friends

st. joseph, mi (upcoming newest move)
- living with mom

16 times... really? good lord. i give new meaning to the phrase "pencil me in" huh?

on wisconsin

well, even with everything falling apart it seems i do have ONE thing to be excited about!!!

college football starts in 29 days! (at least for wisconsin!!!)

i can't wait. seeing the first kickoff of the year gets me totally geeked! i love being in the stadium and the crowd's going crazy and the band is playing... it's a thrill like none other.

even at home i get all choked up at the first game of the year. i love college football.

love love love it.

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