Tuesday, August 26, 2008

happy blog boyfriend

you know what i want? i want a boyfriend that i can write a happy blog about. not someone that lies, cheats, has double standards, waffles on decisions, and treats me like i'm an object to be bought. but someone who i can say gave me great advice, is one of my best friends, did something really sweet, or is just plain awesome.

i want to write something like this...

so happy blog boyfriend (HBB) and i went to our favorite art gallery last night. we had a blast perusing the newest collection of our favorite artists and drooling over things we couldn't afford. i did fall in love with a beautiful glass piece though. he said maybe for christmas... and i smiled because i knew he meant it and would remember. he's just that kind of guy. like that one time when i was sick and he remembered that i like mrs. grass' chicken noodle soup rather than the canned stuff. it's nice to know that someone cares about me like this. especially since i care about him too. he's so respectful. my family just adores him and for once all of my friends approve! HBB is unlike any man i've ever met. when we're together i know he's not looking at anyone but me. he's not thinking about other options or wondering if he's with the wrong girl. he knows that i'm special and that makes me feel so good.

*exiting fantasy land*

wouldn't it be great to have a love like that? to have that mutual feeling? where is my happy blog boyfriend? i mean obviously, this is not my main focus at the moment. i need to save money so i can move on with my life. working is the only way to accomplish that and work i do! however unglamorous it is... my other focus right now is my friends and family. if i'm going to move away i want to make sure i leave without regret. it'll make it harder if i don't. i mean driving to south carolina staring at the rearview mirror might be a little detrimental in the mountains. :)

so happy blog boyfriend will have to wait. but he'll find me eventually. lord knows if i look i won't find him. he has a tendency to hide in dark corners. i think he's waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump out and surprise me. or maybe i'm just a hopeless romantic and what i want and what i need are two completely opposite things. but that's kind of logical and this isn't really about logic, because whoever said that love was logical?

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