Tuesday, August 19, 2008

here she goes again...


So I kind of went to a high school where people ended up like growing up and doing shit. Shit like PhDs and becoming pastors and other lucrative cool... shit. I say kind of because I probably went to high school about 122 days out of the 4 years I was enrolled. Which... ya know whatever. I earned my GED, went to college, made the Dean's List... kiss it.

Here's my problem, issue, annoyance... Listen to me. I am so HAPPY for you that you chose to heal babies, fight crime, and save me from the evil one... but guess what? My job's cool too. I get to wake up really super early, just like you. The better part of my job though, is that I actually wake YOU up so you can do your job. I get a sick pleasure out of making some fabulous strong breakfast blend coffee and serving it with a smile while you walk up to the pristine counter with your finger in your eye. I love that you want 4 shots of espresso in your giant cup of coffee. I love that you want soy milk in your sugar free vanilla triple latte AND that you want it heated to only 130 degrees. You know why? Because it means that you NEED me. It makes me giggle.

Because next time we see each other and you brag on about your research or some awesome book you read that NO ONE has ever fucking heard of but it's your all time fave... I will internally laugh out loud because you can't even make a damn pot of coffee. My job may be simple. It may be fun. It might be a LOT of customer service. But at least I don't have to spend $500 a year so someone else can make me coffee because I can't do it myself. You may make more money than me, work more hours, see blood gush... but the fact remains that I get to wake your ass up to go do it. I may be "just" a barista or "just" a cafe manager, but I'm YOUR barista.

So for the sake of all of us "losers".... fall off your high horse. Hard.

Or next time it'll be decaf.

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