Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hello God?


I'm just wondering if I missed the warning on New Year's to stay inside for the rest of the year because hi, this year sucks.

I mean really... did I HAVE to run into the orange barrel after my clutch was just fixed after breaking down in the middle of nowhere? In one month this all had to happen? And then I end up having to get a brand new car anyway? You realize the payment's higher right?

Did you really want me to get my heart broken? I mean, haven't we cried together enough?

Did my grandma have to get breast cancer THIS year?

Do you always want me to struggle for money? Because things were starting to come together for me there for a minute.

And what's up with this whole moving to Michigan thing? Emergency surgery!? You know that costs like $25,000 right? Just checking...

Do you think that I forgot about you? Because I didn't. We can stop playing this whole damsel in distress thing now. I pray to you and talk to you. Maybe not as much as I used to but I mean... I tattooed you on my ankle. That's a big deal to me.

So I was just wondering if I could ask you a favor... can these next four and a half months of 2008 be a little easier? Can you open a door for me and keep it open? Cuz this whole opening doors and then laughing and slamming it shut thing is kind of getting old. "Just Kidding" is only funny like the first 50 times... And you're on like 150.

I'm getting tired Jesus. Really tired. My head hurts from crying. My shoulders hurt from carrying the burden. My feet hurt from walking on this treadmill going nowhere. I need a break. I need some good news. I need *something* happy this year so I can look back and go, yeah all that bad stuff happened but it was totally trumped by _______ . It would be super awesome if you could fill in that blank. I would appreciate it. I think my friends would too. They're trying to keep me sane and help me giggle and give me advice, but I think they're tired too. They are praying for something happy for me too, I think.

By the way, thanks for the awesome friends. Thanks for the small blessings. Thanks for my big fat dog. He pretty much rocks. Thanks for my pretty eyes and my hair, it's a stupid thing to be thankful for but sometimes it lifts my spirits. Thanks for letting me be born in America rather than some poor violent country. Thanks for my ability to rise above and always come out on top. Thanks for forgiveness and for health. Thanks for all the little joys in life. Thanks for coffee, no really THANK YOU! And thanks for my life. It's pretty cool.

Please keep my family and friends safe. Keep them happy. Please don't let them ever have to go through what I've been through in my life. And my enemies... bless them too.

And when you're done with all of that... a small miracle would just make my year. Really.

Anyway, I'll let you get back to work... I know you have a lot of weather planned for today. Busy busy!!



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