Thursday, August 14, 2008

koo koo bananas

this is why normal well adjusted people should have jobs.

ok never mind.

this is why intelligent people should have jobs...

we think too much.

i'm sitting here, doo doo doo... minding my lunch. (which is leftover four cheese ravioli btw... gotta keep this shit under conTROL!)

so i'm eating and something turned my brains on. imagine a jet engine starting.. (soft noise at first and then just..... jesus christ my ears!) k?

anyway, ya know... bananas are a lot like people!

they can be brown, green, yellow, yellow(ish), yellow and brown... AT THE SAME TIME! it's amazing.

they also have lots of layers. first... the thick, kind of squishy skin and it's lined with soft squishy white! kind of like a really expensive suede lined purse. then... the fruit itself has the same suedelike characteristic on the outside. some have bruises which are really cool. some are kind of yellowish because they should probably have been frozen for banana bread like.... 5 days ago!? then they have these cool stringy rope things that fall off of them and sometimes if you bite into them they'll get stuck in your teeth which is like an oral B dream job. then after you take a big ol' whomp of a bite there's the dark middle which fans out to the yellow starchy goodness. bananas are just the shit.

anyway... they're like people. i mean in the end they're all bananas. brown, green, yellow, squishy, bruised, hard... all bananas. basically... they're all the same. but as they age, they change... like us. some get better with age (if you're weekly plan includes baking), some just turn brown and end up ignored on the counter until the fruit flies are like "HEY! Over here!" some are used up before they can even turn yellow...

it's just kind of fascinating. but you probably have a job and are wondering why you're sitting here pondering the likenesses of bananas to people. well, let me tell you... it's just a sneak peek at unemployment. you should try it! no, really! you should! (n't)

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