Wednesday, December 3, 2008

are we there yet?

you guys.... 28 days. that's it. i have to hang on to my slippery rope for 28 more days. i really am a kid on a road trip this month. all i can think about is how everyday i am one step closer to planetary realignment. not that i believe in that crap, but ya know... you have to blame it on something. so i'll be the one asking aloud... "are we there yet?" for 28 more days. gosh... DAYS! it's just such a happy word! happy, happy, happy.

as it turns out, my sister is right. i have never wanted to say those words before in my life but it's true! and hooray! 2009 is peaking around the corner at me and saying, "hello! wait until you see the surprise on this side of midnight!"

so far, i have quit smoking. which is an amazing feeling. although the ass expansion project has begun so that leads us to another accomplishment to be... running again. i was running 2.5 almost 3 miles this summer before i moved to my mom's. then i moved to knoxville and exercise somehow moved down on my top 10 things to do. i'll let you know how it all turns out tomorrow. hopefully my clutzometer is in low gear. i would hate to have to get all dressed up in running gear, drive to the running park, fall on my running face, and end up having to go running home.... for a brownie and a sob fest. that would defeat the purpose of mission: ass dwindle. so we'll do our best.. me and my grace.

i have also been published. i've known about it for a while but i didn't want to jinx it. now that it is official, i can't even explain the happy feelings that are radiating off of my person. the website launches in january and i am their resident restaurant reviewer. my portion of the site is called "Dining with Kallay" i didn't pick the name. if i had done it, i'm sure it would have been something more along the lines of "mmm...butter!" or "more condiments please!" or "where did those 10 pounds come from?" but that's just me. if you want to check it out... is the website. i am on the front page for now but my articles will be in the dining section.

and so my countdown has begun. the ball is dropping in the times square of my life. i will apologize in advance for being the loud one. the happiest one. the (probably) drunkest one... on new year's eve. i'm going to celebrate the end of this year and the beginning of the next like a dog with a bone. just let me finish. my tail will wag, my eyes will light up, my tongue might even hang out. many will wonder about the excess in celebration but they won't know how much i deserve it. they won't know how badly i have been broken this year. i understand it was all for the greater good of myself. to make me stronger. to make me humble and ask for help. that's all fine and dandy but the fact of the matter is... this year was smelly brown poop on my new pink shoe and i'm ready to scrape it off and start anew.

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