Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merry Giftmas!

I wanna give.

I've found great gifts for my friends and family. I've contemplated sending emails to them saying... if I had money this is what I would have gotten you for Christmas... or Giftmas rather. This year has turned into a holiday of who is going to be able to buy Christmas presents and who is not. I'm in the not category as of today.

In order to send Christmas cards you also need stamps. Stamps are what... $5 these days? For 3? Groovy! No Christmas cards for people either. I have the cards, plenty of ink, but no stamps, no money for stamps, and no money for Giftmas in general.

I just really love giving presents. Don't get me wrong, I like getting presents just as much as the next person. But there is some kind of fulfilling pleasure that I get out of shopping for my friends and family and finding the perfect gift. Once upon a time I had enough money that I could send Christmas cards, buy decorations, buy amazing gifts, wrap them like Martha and still have enough to bake cookies, travel home, and still have a savings account. I'm now reduced to wishing I could buy Kerry this awesome mug I found online or Teresa this gorgeous outfit complete with jewelry that I saw. I mean, talk about torture! I could fill a cart with things I have found for my nephew and niece. Not sure how I would get it all home, but who cares! I'd find a way! Move over Hercules!

Do you ever check your bank account with one eye open hoping that the financial fairy dropped some mad money in your account? I've been doing it everyday. And everyday my bank account laughs at me. Kind of like... "hahahahaha ROFLMAO... you thought.... hahaha... there would be.... hahahahahaha money in here!??? hahahahahaha! you fool."

my bank account is a meanie.

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