Friday, December 12, 2008

if you can't take the heat...

hey! come to our house! because we don't HAVE ANY!!!!

this has been an eventful if not emotionally destroying week.

bank account neg. fuck you paycheck. rent. $1.85 left in bank account. apparently i miscalculated in a previous post. cellphone shut down like me with a previous courter. (or was he?) work = poopy. hercules has a strange ouchie on the side of his face that he refuses to leave alone. and now i am slowly turning blue.

our landlord was kind enough to bring us space heaters. however... running space heaters causes breakers to blow and we lost power last night. a lot of it. kind of all of it. teresa showered with candles. her room regained the only power in the house and so the bed was rearranged, ONE space heater was plugged in and me and my brood slept in a chair. a chair with an ottoman. but a chair, nonetheless.

we awoke this morning to our house lit up like a christmas tree after an unfriendly call to the landlord summoned him to come this morning and fix our unforgivable power outage.

oh, started a new job today. that makes three for those counting and ONE on the way! i'm giving birth to my energy but i am not getting the cooing and cute pictures back. what's up with that shit? so, i am home now, my lower back feels like i could fry an egg on it and lo and behold.... we are still heatless. i am afraid to turn on the space heaters. i'm not really into tempting the power to go off. especially since slammy and friends are gone for the evening. (see door slamming post)

the new job is interesting. the training contains most of the "figure it out yourself" handbook. my boss wants to date me even though he's about a foot and a half shorter, speaks shitty english, and ages me by about 30 years. he's nice though. (as if that makes up for the shitty english) it's a casual environment that is basically stress free except when someone comes in whining or screaming. that's always an uplifting moment to my day. the food is good and FREE when we're working. the boss has a strange addiction to ice cream so there are always frozen milky delights. i get to drive, which is sometimes my favorite thing in the world. people here in knoxville have never driven before in their lives though so it's kind of like dodging bullets. also, after doing some quick math, by my calculations my next day off is in 13 days. yeah, christmas. 2 days of presents, eating, hugging family members, and driving. then it's fuck my life in the ass again for who knows how long.

there is a silver lining. i thought i would save it for the end. i came home with a free medium pizza, cigarettes and a little extra money to save for the cellphone resurrection. (yeah i started again, bite me with your back teeth) also, i am going to start baking for my new job. if he likes my treats, i will officially be doing all of the desserts for his restaurant(s). did i mention there are 3 locations? i'm sure this means more money since i am not volunteering to be a pro-bono betty fucking crocker here. that means, my foot is in the knoxville door. this could be a huge huge huge HUGE break for me.

in other (good) news... oprah admitted she is fat and is finally going to stop whining about her giant arms and accept that age = weight. eat up girfriend! i'm almost done with twilight, so i can move on to the other books that i don't know what happens in since the movie has ruined this one for me. we're going to have a ginormous full moon on friday. (maybe the moon can heat up our house?) stocks are up. grandma sent DATE BALLS!!! (my fave christmas cookie evar!!!) and lots of gummy worms. it was like a box of kallay's top junk. (wish i could call her and thank her...) elf yourself is back for another merry season of cutting and pasting your favorite family members' faces on dancing elfen bodies. and the best thing...

i might be able to afford giftmas after all. ring the bells y'all.

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Kerry said...

It will get better, it will get better...

If you keep saying it--it has to come true, right?