Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Big Fat Breakfast

Big Fatty's Catering Kitchen
5005 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919
(865) 219-8317

Sunday was one of those days. I woke up practically skipping to the coffee pot. Arriving at my final destination of warm dark roasted heaven, lathered in french vanilla creamer, I set out to face my day. I drove to work and handled my end of the inventory battle. I left at 9:30 am with one purpose and one purpose only... to eat. Still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I march up the stairs to drag the roomie out of bed and force her to enjoy my very good day.

I recently moved to Knoxville in an attempt to keep my feet fully planted in southern soil. I love it here. The people, the weather (usually), and especially... the food! Being new to the area would seem, to most, a disadvantage. To me it's an adventure. A culinary adventure if nothing else. I came upon Big Fatty's one Sunday morning when my roomie and I were looking for a good breakfast place. My usual breakfast of strong coffee and cigarettes wasn't going to cut it. I wanted eggs benedict. What I found was better. So much better.

We drove into the parking lot like the Dukes of Hazard, starving and needing coffee. Upon entering there were a few people seated around a round table talking and laughing and carrying on. The owners and managers! We were told to pick a seat any seat. Glance around the restaurant and you'll find all kinds of interesting things to feast your eyes on. Brightly colored walls adorned with colorful art and a wall of windows. Our waiter greeted us with a smile and soon after we were blessed with our coffee.

This place is everything eclectic. Right down to the mismatched coffee cups. Along with coffee we were served their strawberry muffins. Sweet, tender little sponge cake like muffins with real macerated strawberries on top.

Two minutes later they were gone and my mouth was watering for more. The breakfast menu is basic at first glance. Eggs with bacon, eggs with this, eggs with that. Where are my eggs benedict? I begin to pout. I'm kind of a baby when it comes to cravings. I want it when I want it. And they didn't have it. Then a little something caught my eye... Big Fat Biscuit... Biscuits topped with pork, covered in gravy and two eggs on top as the crowning glory. How do you say "yes, please" in the south? Sounds like southern eggs benedict to me!!

I ordered mine with two over-easy eggs, grits and a side of the cutest little pancakes you've ever seen. Pancakes are extra but worth it! Roomie ordered the same and then we waited. Conversation is easy to come by in a place like this. The waiter was not afraid to talk to us, the other managers and owners were super friendly. It was almost like walking into their home kitchen and having them make us breakfast. The people in the restaurant ranged from young to old and from every walk of life. This is a good sign. This means my breakfast is going to rock. At this point, I am beyond excited.

And then there it was, resting peacefully on a Shoney's Blue Plate Special plate, naive to the fact that I was about to devour every last morsel. I break open the yolks and let them mingle with the gravy and pork. Sink my fork into the middle and notice... I don't need a knife. There's meat on this biscuit that is fork tender. My calorie count for the day is in trouble, I can see that. I continue on through the biscuit expecting that it would be goo-tastic with all the gravy, but it wasn't. Those little soldiers held up through the whole meal! Bite after bite of smokey marinated pork, tender but wholesome biscuit, perfectly seasoned gravy and over easy egg. My pancakes stared at me feeling left out, forgotten even. What could I do? The grits were perfectly creamy without being runny or overdone. I couldn't get over the texture of the biscuits and I had just found my new eggs benedict! Move over pancakes!

Breakfast was over, and I felt like a Big Fatty. I had eaten a week's worth of breakfast in one meal, drank my body weight in coffee, and was now expected to walk out of the restaurant vertical and without explosion. We made a pit stop at the register, paid the bill and made sure to tip our waiter his well earned tip. We promised to return. And return we did. And return we will again.

Big Fatty's is a breakfast place on Sundays if you're looking for great brunch items. But they also have an amazing array of other meals for lunch and dinner. My favorite sandwich included... the french dip. Originally started as a catering company, they recently opened the restaurant, and I couldn't be happier. Some of their other foods include creative salads, like The Happy Fatty which includes chicken, bleu cheese, pecans and mangoes on a bed of wild greens, a very large selection of sandwiches and burgers with a little something for everyone with a range of everything from seafood to vegan/vegetarian options, and of course their Blue Plate Specials. Monday through Sunday, there's something for everyone, meatloaf, chicken & dumplings, you can't go wrong with comfort food. You can even order to go! Which is a viable option for me since every time I eat here I need to be carried out. Y'all they even have dessert! HOMEMADE Banana Pudding, red velvet cake, and a white chocolate and caramel brownie.

If you're looking for yum, drive yourself with haste to 5005 Kingston Pike, and bring a friend. Or call them at (865) 219-8317 and order the Blue Plate Special to go with some homemade banana pudding. You'll be happily marching into Big Fatty's at least once a week once you do, and probably with sweat pants on.

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