Thursday, November 27, 2008

nothing says thank you like turkey....

(before i begin, for those concerned for me because of the vent... i'm much better today. i woke up at a normal hour... six thirty something or whenever it was that teresa came into the room and said "kallay" and i said "what" and she said "coffee. convo." i said "mmm hm." i proceeded to roll out of bed and explain myself. the world is a brighter place today. anyway... back to thanks...)

the only commonality between turkey and thanksgiving is that they both start with a "t". i really don't understand some of our strange traditions in this country, but ya know... it is what it is. turkey for thanksgiving. ham for christmas. (which is ironic because in the old testament pork = bad) bunnies for easter... because you know when you have an important family funeral there are always colored eggs and chocolate bunnies. let's see... naked guy with a big arrow for valentine's day... wait... that one kind of makes sense.

anyway, i'm not sure what exactly a giant dead bird overcooking all day has to do with being thankful, but we'll go with it. i personally am thankful for mashed potatoes and gravy. i'm going to miss my thanksgiving again this year. the one where i cook for my family and we all laugh at my grandma's boyfriend after he drinks too much wine. he's like 100 billion years i say drink up dude. you earned it. plus, he's hysterically politically incorrect when he's drunk. i enjoy that about old people. in fact... i am thankful for it. i can't wait til i'm aged enough to be able to say whatever i want and be able to survive the backlash. i really am going to miss that this year. i'm also going to miss cooking. i love the feeling of making a big dinner and everyone sitting down together and enjoying their food. i love hearing people say "YUM!" when they eat my food. Or maybe just the muffled sound of a yum when they have their mouths stuffed full of kallay-cooked goodness.

other things i am thankful for...


oh, yeah and this stuff too...

my family because they're hilarious. they're giving, kind, caring, loving, thankful, fun to be around... they're just rad and i hope your family is as cool as mine is.

my friends because they get me. they get my mood swings and my irrational outlook on all things love, marriage, and breeding... they get my sarcastic sense of humor. and my dry sense of humor. they like my stupid faces and my goofy child-like disposition. they don't care if i wake them up throwing up in their bathroom and then ask for bread and country crock while lying hungover on their bathroom floor. they are my shoulders to cry on. my confidants. my people. and i love them.

my talents. even the hidden ones.

my animals. who squish me into the upper corner of MY bed every night. who sometimes (always) wake me in the night by walking over me, kicking me, sneezing, eating, drinking, and cavorting around thinking it's time to get up. yup. i sure do love them. especially maddie. she's a hoot. licking things like walls, envelopes, tape, pictures, sticky notes (this cat loves a good sticky note), shoes... ya know whatever. she just likes to lick it all. and when she's done she'll yell at you. it's really just obnoxious meowing but it's funny nonetheless. unless you're sleeping and she wants to be pet at 3 am. then it's not as funny. and if you think she'll stop you're wrong. you have to pet her. you have to. otherwise she starts hitting. and then she bites. and then she'll walk on your boob. especially right in the middle where it hurts. and if that's not enough she'll find that owie pressure point spot on your hip and stand there until you wake up and G. D. pet her. she's persistent. i love her.

i'm thankful for tight jeans. they remind you that even if it is the holidays.... it's the fucking holidays! stop eating or you'll bust a seam.

i'm thankful that this year is 11/12ths of the way over. i'm ready for a nice heaping of 2009. the prospect of a shiny new calendar... ha! who needs prozac?

finding (matching) black socks. it's magical.

pink fuzzy blankets.

nicorette!!!!!!!!!!!!(!!!!!!!) and cinnamon gum

gas: $1.69

waking up early to watch the most expensive parade ever... and see santa.

cheesy christmas movies with horrible acting

eatin' jeans

generous people who have welcomed me into their family as one of their own.

my beauty. ;) so vain. oh so vain.

but really... i am thankful. i'm heartbroken. i'm in my own little world. building my cocoon again, my hard protective shell. somewhere for me to be introspective, to be with myself and face all my demons so i can pack them away. too much has come out this year. it's time to make peace with it all. i'm thankful for the ability to do this. i am thankful for the people in my life who understand my need for solitude. as much as i hate to be without people, sometimes it is necessary. you know, before i lose my mind and go batshit bananas on everyone. :)

i had a good thanksgiving though. two families. two totally different dinners and styles of celebrations. delicious calling me from the fridge pies. leftovers to last us until next thanksgiving. 700 phone calls to family back home in the mitten. for another holiday away from the ones i love, it wasn't half bad. especially since last year it was spent with fake people, a crock pot of chicken and dumplings and a bag of salad. whoop!

and as tradition calls... i watched christmas vacation. like i do every year after dinner on thanksgiving. this year it was postponed a little due to the raking of leaves/dog excrement, the second thanksgiving in which i apparently offended people, and a short nap during the silliest christmas film fail ever. but mission: accomplished. i got to see clark fall off the roof, throw himself down a hill crashing into walmart, and freak the fuck out which happens to be my favorite part cuddled right up next to aunt bethany putting cat food in her jello mold, much to uncle eddie's delight! and i've eaten a sow's weight in pie. this thanksgiving is adjourned.

so bottoms up because the 2008 holiday season has begun. anyone else just get chills?


Kerry said...

And dont forget about boobs popping out in the bathroom, Kalz....

kallay said...

see? you do love me!