Saturday, January 5, 2008

double post day!!!

not like i care.....

but.. he's married!?

i don't get it. he's cheats. he lies. he steals. he manipulates. he's a criminal. he's a jerk. he gets away with most things. he cares for no one.

and yet, he's married? or has a girlfriend that he doesn't like?

i don't GET IT!!!

i'm a great girl. i'm beautiful. i'm smart. i'm hard working. i'm kind. i'm honest. i'm loving. i'm a guy's girl. i'm a girl's girl. i get along with most everyone. i am funny as hell. and yet, i'm still single and alone and pathetic as all get out.

am i doing something wrong? am i trying too hard? am i even really trying? guys come to ME. i respond. i usually don't like them. then i move onto the next guy. i like him. he's not sure. he's sure but too far away. he's not what he says he is.

am i supposed to be single? i really doubt that. i don't have that many issues to where God would want me to just be alone and whore myself out just so i can please my human instinct.

i'm tired of being lonely. i'm tired of feeling left out. i'm tired of seeing cute couples. i'm tired of seeing people who love each other fall apart and never recover.

is there such a thing as the perfect man? absolutely not. but could i at least get a guy who i can stand to be around for more than 5 minutes?


ok... did i do something?

cuz so far 2008 blows brains.

fuck man. give me a break.

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