Wednesday, January 23, 2008

funny song....

I didn't write this, but thought it was hilarious...

To the tune of "Be Our Guest" from Disney's Beauty and the Beast:

I'm in debt, I'm in debt
I'm the brokest I've been yet
I am in the infra-red, it seems
What's money? I forget
Boracic lint!
(which is rhyming slang for "skint")
My bank manager's involment
Ceased when I became insolvent
I can surf, I can browse
But that's all that I allows
Of what's on sale upon the internet
No, no I can't buy any
I ain't got one penny
I'm in debt
Deep in debt
I'm in debt

He owes more
Than before
So we're knocking at his door

They're so scary: big and hairy
And they will give me what for
I'm alone with no stash
So I can't give any cash
And they don't look too forgiving
Fingers crossed I'll keep on living
I tell jokes, they're nonplussed
Realizing that I'm bust

So we'll take your stuff and see what we can get
Oh, look, this fancy loo
Is worth a bob or two, to pay your debt

I regret
That you've taken my toilet

He's in debt, he's in debt, he's in debt!

He's in debt, he's in debt
In his mortgaged maisonette
Ain't it funny - lost his dunny
'Cause no money there and yet
It is still not enough
And they're taking yet more stuff
Eating, sleeping- he's unable
Without bed or chair or table
Taking forks, taking knives
Taking daughters, sons and wives?
And walking off there with a little pet
And oh, so sad I am
They've got our hamster, Jam
To clear the debt
He's in debt
He's in debt

[Mrs. Potts the Usurer]
He's in debt, he's in debt
Dangling like a marionette
Missed the sign, and skipped the fine
What's yours is mine now - don't forget
I'll take this! I'll take that!
Feed that rodent to my cat
Can't wake up now, you're not dreaming
It's all over, bar the screaming
Take the beds! Baby's cot!
Won't stop till I've got the lot
I'm so glad that we have had this tete-a-tete

So, what does he owe you?

[Mrs. Potts]
Is it one grand or two?
So pay your debt

Pay your debt!

[Mrs. Potts]
Pay your debt!

Life is so depressing
With these "guests" who keep me guessing
If they'll treat me to a seat to sit upon
Ah, those good old days so comfortable
Suddenly, that toilet seat is gone
Thousands that I'm owing
Watching my possessions going
See them disappear to pay off all my bills
Saturdays, I watch the television
Pinning hopes I've gottery
On winning the National lottery!

He's in debt, he's in debt
Clacking like a castanet
It will be years till he appears
On the break-even parapet
Sympathize, give him hugs
Try and keep him off the drugs
What with interest, he's knowing
What's outstanding is still growing

Creditors, one by one
Taking everything he's won
To leave him brow-beaten with a baguette
Now he has to weigh up
Whether he can pay up
All his debt
He's in debt
He's in debt
He's deep in debt

it's funny...hope you enjoyed...


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