Monday, January 28, 2008

Things To Do Instead of Smoking...

1) At night, drink tea to unwind. We have awesome tea at work so I think this will help. Plus I *love* fresh honey so I'm going to get some tea from work and then go find some really good honey. Teas I want to try are the Vanilla Comoro, African Autumn, Bangkok,

2) I'm going to start doing watercolor again to occupy my mind and my hands.

3) Start writing more to relieve stress and get my emotions out rather than holding them in and taking it out on my lungs.

4) Sudoku!!!

5) Pacing when I talk on the phone... I used to do this all the time but stopped when I started smoking.

6) Chewing lots and lots of cinnamon gum. Or bubblicious grape gum when I'm at home. I should try the chewing on straws thing too.

7) Drinking more water to replace diet coke. I'm a feign. And drinking diet coke makes me want a cigarette.

8) I could brush my teeth after I eat so I don't want to smoke. Since I love brushing my teeth and flossing and all that I could take the 5 minutes that I would smoke to do that.

9) If I'm out to eat, order amaretto to finish my meal instead of smoking.

10) Reading at work instead of smoking. I can still go outside and get fresh air but without having to smoke.

Books I want to read...

Dangerous Book for Boys
Daring Book for Girls
eat, pray, love
The Wolf of Wall Street

11) In the car... open the window and get fresh air, listen to books on tape or comedy cd's. (i.e. Dane Cook, David Sedaris, etc.)

12) If I'm sad I need to just go be by myself and cry it out. No more holding it in and using cigarettes as a way to suppress it. Take a bath or a shower or something.

13) Celebrating... SHOPPING!!! : )

14) Start crocheting again or cross-stiching. My nephew and niece are going to be inundated with scarves and mittens and pictures for their walls!!

15) Start stretching and doing floor exercises when I'm bored.

16) Experiment with new makeup looks and hairstyles.

17) Exercise to relieve stress and clear my head.

18) Listen to and find new music.

19) Let's face it... I'll probably slap on a patch or two.

some good news!!!

So I went to Nicoderm CQ's website and they had a savings Calculater... look at this!!!!

I guess I get more than $120 for quitting! : )

You will save $1,916.25 in one year.
You will save $162.75 in one month.
You will save $36.75 in one week.
You will save $5.25 in one day.

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